Espresso Machine Reviews to Help You Find the Best

You can find a lot of espresso machine reviews out there, but there are only a few that are genuine and truly understand how the coffee machines work. Do you know that there are 2 types of espresso brewing machines?

The first is the steam-driven machine where it uses steam pressure to force water run-through the grounded coffee to produce espresso. And the second type is the pressure-driven machine where it uses an electric pump to force water to run through the grounded coffee. Both are great in producing espresso, it all depends on your taste.
One of the most common espresso machines you can find on the market is the Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffeemaker. The machine comes with an option where you can choose for regular or strong coffee flavor. Not only that, it has the self-cleaning system and an adjustable temperature to keep your coffee warm at all time.

Other than that, Mr. Coffee is a great brand to go for if you have no idea which one to choose. Mr. Coffee is considered one of the pioneers in the coffee brewing industry. You can find all sorts of best espresso machines reviews websites that include Mr. Coffee. Their BVMC-CJX31-AM model is just excellent. The machine design is sleek and able to brew rich-tasting coffee with advanced performance such as the brew strength and delay brew timer that allows you to wake up with freshly brewed espresso ready.

If you are a beginner, and you just want to have a cup of coffee, choose the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker where you can just insert the coffee capsule and let the machine brew it within seconds for you. This coffee machine is very efficient, and it comes with only 2 programmable buttons. However, you can only use the capsules from Nespresso only.

There are many types of espresso machines as well as flavors of coffee these days. It all depends on your requirements and your taste. Some coffee makers are expensive, but they are more flexible in the brewing process, conversely, some are inexpensive, but they have less functionality.

Three of the best knife sets I own

best knife set
I have a certain preference for the best knife sets, and with me being a passionate cook it’s important that I buy a set that feels good to me. The Chicago Cutlery Belmont 16 piece block knife set is very sharp, and doesn’t require endless sharpening to stay in shape. They offer a comfortable grip with good durability, and have a nice weight to them, not too heavy, and not too light. There are 16 in the set, offering a knife for any task you require in the kitchen. The one thing I would say is don’t put them in the dishwasher, hand wash them instead.

The Gourmet 36 Piece Cherry Knife Block Set is one of the best knife set, money can buy. This professional set is made of high carbon steel with precision forged blades that stay sharp even after a few months of use they are still amazingly sharp. When I hold the boner knife in my hand the feel and grip is so good it’s like part of my hand, allowing me to do some amazing cuts that a butcher would be proud off. So if you’re looking for the best knife set on the market, that will last a lifetime of use, I highly recommend them.

The Amazon basics 14-piece Knife Set Block, is a great budget set for the stay at home cook. The grip is basic but comfortable.The blades are sharp, but do require a little more sharpening that the more expensive sets. As a best knife set goes, you get a lot for your money. One of my favourites is the steak knife, after months of use I still haven’t sharpened it. They come with a wooden block and also include a sharpener. This is a great starter set, and a nice price also. I would highly recommend the Amazon Basics as a best knife set.

We bought a nice rice cooker for cooking brown rice


The world is becoming more aware of healthy food, and we are no exceptions. Some habits are hard to let go, but brown rice is something that can be easily included in our diet because it was this rice that my mother used to prepare on festival days. Back then, of course, it was considered a delicacy and it required ladies to pound some rice in some large wooden pots. It has a nostalgic effect on me, and anyway, all of us like it because of its nutty flavor. Anybody who has eaten brown rice also knows that it tends to get spoiled much faster. More over, cooking brown rice is not as easy as cooking white rice because it requires more water and time. So if you are trying to cook brown rice in your best rice cooker, without knowing how to, you are likely to be as disappointed as me.

My colleague called us over for dinner last Christmas, and she offered brown rice delicacies. I was of course envious. But when I realized that she cooked it in a rice cooker, I was happy. I immediately told my husband to buy me a rice cooker for cooking brown rice. We began our search for the best brown rice cooker, because we learned that many rice cooker manufacturers advertise that their rice cookers can be used to cook brown rice, but the results are not as good.

We read many reviews, and chose Zojirushi’s Umami Micom. I am glad to say I am not disappointed with this Zojirushi rice cooker. We now eat brown rice daily. This rice cooker can cook the brown rice evenly and the rice comes out fluffy like the white rice. Though the taste is same as what my mother used to prepare, the appearance is much better. Moreover, cooked brown rice does not get spoiled as easily as the brown rice cooked in conventional pressure cooker that we have. I am also able to use it for cooking porridge and other varieties of brown rice. The pot in this rice cooker can be washed in my dishwasher. This rice cooker can also be used for cooking many other things because of its ability to extend cooking time to almost 3 hours. I am happy about that too. Now, I need to try out a horse gram delicacy in this. When we were young, that gram used to be cooked in earthen pots and placed in a pit for preventing heat from escaping. It is a traditional dish out here, and I intend to check whether this rice cooker will be good enough for that as well.

Why I Will Always Go For Stainless Steel Cookware

Having been using stainless steel cookware for over 10 years, I have every reason why you also should be going for the same. As a matter of fact, I have over the years advised my friends to settle for nothing, but the best stainless cookware. If you have been told the same, but you are not convinced , here is why I will always go for stainless steel cookware. A few years back, I wanted a set of cookware for my kitchen; however, buying such being my first time, I didn’t know how to go about the whole thing. I decided to talk to a friend and she instantly recommended I go for the best stainless steel cookware. Since she has had the same for the longest times, I trusted her and the next day, I was out shopping for the same.

Additional Information: Choosing Cookware


Thank to her advice, over the years, I have been able to net good things from the set of cookware I have in my kitchen. They are not only durable, but if the kind of versatility they come with is anything to go by, I would actually recommend anyone to buy the same. Since they cannot react with alkaline or acid, I can use them when doing any kind of cooking without fear that my cookware will corrode or pit. That has not been the only good; they are surprisingly easy to maintain. For example, from the time, I brought them into my kitchen; the use of specialized and expensive cleaning solution has become a thing of the past. I can wash them with water and soap or even run them through a dishwasher. At the end, my best cookware sets are quite easy to clean and to maintain.

Lastly, the kind of appearance they normally come with fascinates me. They are bright and the have in way brought a little bit of sophistication right into my kitchen.

More information on best cookware – Cook with Tina

I helped my friend set up a restaurant


When my best friend was starting a new restaurant, I wanted to surprise him and so I started shopping for the perfect gift. The first thing that came to my mind was to get him the best knife sets, which tend to come with a storage block and honing steel. These look nice whether you’re presenting them as a present or you just want a matching set to place on your kitchen counter. I also like sets because they make purchasing easy and I don’t have to make a lot of effort looking for quality individual knives.

As I was shopping for the best knife sets, I discovered that there were some important considerations to keep in mind when making my buying decision. For starters, I had to consider the number of pieces in a knife set. In addition, some knife sets came with a storage block while others were just packed in a box. I also had to check whether a set contained kitchen shears and honing steel. The other important thing that I considered when making my purchase was the warranty, and some manufacturers were offering a lifetime warranty for their products.

When it comes to the best knife sets, I have to consider the specifications of the individual knives. A chef’s knife is the most essential piece, followed by a serrated knife. A bread knife is also important, but then I have to make sure that it is a 10-inch knife because this one is handy for cutting across a simple country loaf. A paring knife is another important piece in a set, and this one is used for peeling and other small or intricate work. A boning knife was the final piece that I looked for, and when I presented the gift to my pal, he showed his appreciation by preparing a steak dinner for me.

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